Discover how to meet all your financial goals

One of the issues that most arise among entrepreneurs is what objectives we can set to meet all our financial goals. The first thing we need to know is that to achieve anything in life you need a plan and enough discipline. Without that we can see a failure quite safely.

There are certain tips that I would like to give you so that you can take the safe path towards healthy and successful finances. There is a phrase from David Allen that I like very much: "The simple fact of leaving a room, or going to dinner, or planting the garden in the spring, requires planning. It would be very difficult to spend a day without an action plan. Make it work. " So, from what you have just read, nothing will turn out well if you appeal to improvisation.

The only way to accomplish any goal is to work methodically to achieve it. If you are one of those who start a business and after three years is still unfinished, something is failing. Maybe you have not planned strategies and planning has been absent.

Why set goals

It is always necessary to set financial goals before throwing fully into the market. The idea is to have a North and know where we are going. If we do not, we will never know if we are really getting the results we once imagined.

You need a financial plan, a compass that helps you take control of your finances and make your fortnight allow you to reach your goals, not just to pay expenses and daily tastes.


Do not stay in that step. It's not good to just set goals and go to bed to see what happens next. You must act! Start up everything you've already thought about.

We all have dreams, from knowing Greece to founding our own company, but the important thing is to establish priorities to take the first step and not stay in illusions. Take a pencil and paper and make a list of everything you would like to do. Then, do it!

The 5 characteristics

The key, according to specialists, is that these goals have five characteristics: that they are specific, measurable, easy to agree, realistic and achievable. A goal should indicate exactly what you want to achieve, how you are going to do it and when. A general goal is to say, "I want to eliminate my debts". A specific statement would be: "I am going to pay the 150 thousand dollars debt that I have with my father in two years".

It is also extremely important that your goals are within your reality. You must have a decision but know how far your limitations go. If you want to have an emergency fund of 30 thousand dollars, it is best that you try to collect that money in four months and not think that you can raise it immediately by allocating a whole salary for this purpose. So, you know: dream, plan and act.


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