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How can I buy a property?

Before you start looking for a house, determine your eligibility to obtain a loan. Banks, credit unions, mortgage credit companies and mortgage brokers offer loans for the purchase of houses. These credit institutions receive the loan application, process the documentation and supervise the processing of the loan until reaching the financing stage

You will need to make an initial payment or major known in English as Down Payment. The requirements for the initial payment vary, depending on the type of loan. At this time, we have assistance programs for your initial fee from 1%, 100% financing, 3.5% for people in the process of political asylum, the most known loans: FHA, CONVENTIONAL, VA, USDA.

VYou will need funds for the closing costs of the transaction. Closing costs are charges made for services related to the financing of the transaction for the purchase of real estate.

How to get financing for a property?

Have a good credit score, with this you can have more capacity of indebtedness, access to better interest rates, and better programs in the market to be able to finance a house.

You must have all the balance sheets of the cards at 40%, must keep the credit lines and not close any during the purchase process of the home.

You must have savings for the down payment, although in some cases the government provides incentives of up to $8,000 to help you in this process

Should I pay commission for buying a business or house?

The answer is NO, the commission of the real estate agent or business broker is covered by the seller, never the buyer. It could be negotiable if both parties agree to pay part of the commissions to the professional that supports them during the transaction.

The commission is established under a legal document between the parties involved prior to beginning the purchase process. No commission can be given to people who do not present a license and registered under the DBPR

Why used the services of a realtor or business broker during a transaction?

The realtor and business broker is a professional in the field. In turn, the real estate agent has extensive knowledge of the real estate area and has the appropriate tools on marketing.

The answer although it seems obvious, sometimes it is not for some people, in their thinking that you can save a few dollars when trying to buy or sell a property without the use of a real estate agent

But also, the realtor and business broker has important knowledge of the laws that govern this activity. As the real estate agent, a professional has a knowledge of the real estate area and the laws that govern this activity much deeper than an ordinary person. An agent is able to properly guide the client and warn him of the important points to consider in the contracts

Could you wired all the money you want to the US. to buy real estate?

From the USA's point of view, yes. Although the authorities study the origin and legality of money. In addition, all obligations imposed by the buyer's country of origin for international money transfers and tax payments must be complied with.

What are the most profitable businesses in Florida?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, a multitude of ideas jump into our minds to venture into the most profitable business possible, the one that provides economic stability and extra money for our whims and guilty tastes.

Among the most profitable in Florida we find:

Gastronomic: investing in a restaurant, bakery, pastry shop offers good opportunities for entrepreneurs. You do not need to be a chef to operate a business of this type, with good food, a unique service, cleaning should always be and managing a budget, for sure you will succeed

Services: Businesses of this type provide non-tangible elements that meet specific needs. Among the most popular are Landscaping, Barber Shop, Staffing Companies, Deliveries.

Tourism: looking to invest in one of the most visited cities worldwide, Orlando offers everything tourists seek; Amazing shopping malls, amazing attractions in Disneyland, exquisite cuisine.

Why is it advisable to create a company that appears as the owner of the property?

To avoid paying inheritance tax when the owner dies, which can be very high. But if the owner is an LLC, that means, a limited company, of which he is a shareholder together with a Foreign Corporation, then after the death of the owner the heirs do not have to pay anything to receive that property.

It is very convenient to deal with this matter with a lawyer specialized in these types of matters.

What is the Multiple Listing Service or MLS?

The Multiple Listings or Multiple Listing System (MLS) is a computer program that allows real estate companies and their real estate agents to share the information of properties offered in the market, establish commissions among real estate brokers, and facilitate the cooperation among them. For a client who wants to buy a property, this tool allows you to see and evaluate the units considered, as well as make comparisons that allow you to make a well-informed decision when taking the step of the purchase. All properties considered as real estate under Florida law are offered in the MLS.

One of the most useful features of the MLS is that it allows agents to search for properties for their clients according to the requirements they give them. The program is entered such criteria and the system returns results with properties that comply with them. The agent can then share this information with his clients, either electronically or in print. The agent could also create and configure their clients property searches automatically so that when they are published properties for sale with certain criteria or characteristics they reach customers immediately

How do you sell a small business?

If you're considering selling your small business, consider these seven steps to stay on the offensive.

  • Determine the value of your company
  • Clean up your small business financials
  • Prepare your exit strategy in advance
  • Boost your sales
  • Find a business broker
  • Pre-qualify your buyers
  • Get business contracts in order

What is the E2 Visa?

The E-2 Investor Visa allows an individual to enter and work inside of the United States based on an investment he or she will be controlling, while inside the United States. The investment must be "substantial." Investor visas are available only to citizens of certain countries

As an E-2 visa applicant must demonstrate that they have put their funds at risk and will be dedicated to the development of the enterprise, it is generally difficult to obtain an E-2 visa with an investment of less than $100,000 to $150,000. Depending on the type of business, the amount invested may vary considerably

Spouses and dependents of E2 visa workers are can also apply for E2 visas. Spouses are allowed to work. However, it may be advisable to apply for work authorization. Children can study but unfortunately are not allowed to work under the E2 Treaty Investor visa category

Have you had difficulty finding an existing successful business?

Finding existing businesses that are for sale is a simple task, all while doing it with the support of professionals and having knowledge in the area. The most difficult aspect of investing in an existing business is to know if this is successful and the real reasons for the sale.

We have commercial partners who are fully trained so that together we do due diligence where we can determine if the financial statements have been altered.

You must bear in mind that to do a proper audit it could take up to 2 weeks to have results. All the documentation must present supports, we have ways to corroborate if this information is reliable.

The verification of all the information must be carried out in parallel, since time is valuable, along with other professionals, in the case that the business is being acquired to obtain an investor visa, the Immigration lawyer must carry out a diligence on the business too

What are the benefits of a Visa-1?

There are many benefits offered by this Visa for companies as follows:

  • Small start-up companies and companies that want to expand their businesses in the United States
  • Managers who have direct knowledge of operations and the establishment of offices can be sent to the US. for supervision
  • The configuration in the USA It can be compatible with the goals and objectives of the company by sending dignified and capable employees to manage the offices in the USA.
  • Multinational companies can send their products or specialist companies if they are developing their market in the US.
  • The L1 visa is perfectly adapted to the policies that a company may have regarding the rotation of international management positions
  • The L1 Visa highly facilitates transfers within the company that companies are planning out for the expansion or management of their businesses

The L1 visa is a means of transferring employees working in a company outside the US. to the offices of the same company located in the USA. Many people looking for expansion in the US They do not know what the L1 visa is. If you own a company and want to transfer your employees to work in the US office, then you need to know about the L1 visa. If you are wondering, what is the L1 visa, and how can it help you with your business, then you are in the right place. This position will tell you everything you need to know about what the L1 visa is and how you can apply for it.

How to invest my money in a business?

You must be aware of the amount of money you actually have to invest in a business, and have an exact amount to be able to go out and look for it

In case you act as a partner you must tell the other person how much you have, and if it is your own business, you should have clear numbers to know what scale to undertake, if you need to make loans, etc. Do not make the mistake of having only estimates, because this does not give security to the partners or allow you to get a good budget

Now, when I say sincere, is not to make available more than you can or should invest. If for example you left your job and they paid you some money, you can’t believe that you have everything to invest (at least in most cases). You have to take out your accounts, save to live a few days ... and then if you decide how much you have available to invest.

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